Lakewood Park Staff




Allen, Amy
Food Services Team
Anderson, Sarah
Kindergarten Teacher
Barber, Esther
Second Grade Teacher
Barber, Jed
HS Social Studies
Barber, Linda
11/12 Grade English
Barron, Shelly
Executive Administrative Assistant
Born, Tonya
5/6 Language Arts Teacher
Branch, Gina
K-12 Technology
Brown, Aleta
8-10 Grade English
Brown, Ivan
Food Services Team
Burris, Robert
Head of School
Buss, Amanda
Media Specialist
Carpenter, Erin
Childs, Bobby
Athletic Director
Crider, Heidi
Teaching Assistant
Didomenico, Nick
11-12th grade Bible, Psych/Soci
Ensley-Noehren, Amy
K-12 Art Teacher
Fike, Jason
Maintenance Director
Fulton, Samantha
HS Science
Gaines, Meredith
Second Grade Teacher
Grimes, Olivia
Teaching Assistant
Guthrie, Lisa
1st Grade Teacher
Hall, Ric
HS Social Studies Teacher
Hamilton, Nathan
Band Director
Hedrick, Nina
Food Service Coordinator
Jackson, Desiree
PK-4th Music Teacher
Johnson, Cassondra
Administrative Assistant
Johnson, Luke
Assoc. Pastor of Family/Student Discipleship, 9th grade Bible
Keipper, Julie
Food Services
Kibe, Tressi
Teaching Assistant
Krafft, Teri
Fourth Grade Teacher
Kwete, Manasse
HS Math Teacher
Leichty, Jennifer
Director of Finance and Operations
Leitner, Maleah
Athletic Administrative Assistant
Leitner, Tom
5/6 Math and History Teacher
Lyons, Sonja
Macfarlane, Jana
After Care Lead
Martin, Tyler
JH Math Teacher
Maziarz, Jeanne
Food Services Team
Miller, Kendra
Teaching Assistant
Miller, Laura
5/6 & 7 Grade Teacher
Miller, Sarah
Gala Coordinator
Moore, Jenny
Kindergarten Teacher
Moughler, Gary
HS Science Teacher
Musser, Katie
Nichter, Amanda
Full-Time Substitute
Osborn, Amy
HS Math Teacher
Page, Emily
Third Grade Teacher
Pfefferkorn, Jennifer
Temporary Administrative Assistant
Placencia, Jordan
Director of Student Life
Rayle, Brian
5/6 Grade Teacher
Rench, Aubri
JH Language Arts
Roberts, Jean
Rose, Carolyn
Pre-K Teacher
Rose, Paul
JH Science & PE Teacher
Roth, Janelle
Senior Executive Administrative Assistant
Salyer, Havilah
Teaching Assistant
Samuels, Amy
Schedlbower, Lori
Grant Writer and Financial Aid
Schlatter, April
Sloffer, Brett
JH & 10th Grade Bible Teacher
Stine, Amanda
Fourth Grade Teacher
Straley, Hillary
PK 3's Teacher
Studebaker, Tim
PE Teacher
Stutzman, Ben
Spanish Teacher
Stutzman, Myka
Home Economics Teacher
Swing, Naomi
Marketing Coordinator
Talarico, Leslie
5-12 Music & Choir
Vanduyn, Mandi
Voss, Timothy
Health, Business Landscaping, & PE Teacher
Warstler, Leslie
Warstler, Shannon
Fourth Grade Teacher
Willett, Beth
Third Grade Teacher
Wilson, Gramm
JH Social Studies Teacher
Winterholter, Marcy
Director of Admissions/Guidance Coordinator
Witmer, Randa
Instructional Coach
Woodward, Joe
Maintenance Staff
Yoder, Amy
Elementary Principal